Best Porsche 911 Finance

I have to say I really do have a soft spot for the Porsche 911 and getting the most recent one using Porsche 911 finance has been quicker than ever. It has been around since the early 1960s and yet I feel it is still at the top of it’s class and cannot be matched by any other sports car on the market. It is just so versatile and has some many versions and options for you to choose from. I love the cabriolet however the coupe is really sleek too. However the best feature for me is that the more recent models have turbo charged engines and so are bliss on the open road.
porsche 911 finance

Why do I chose the Porsche 911 over any other sports car? Well I’ll let you into a secret I’m 6ft 3 ins tall and I need a car with plenty of leg room for me to be comfortable and the Porsche 911 has just that. Furthermore I do like to carry my golf clubs and the rear seats on the Porsche 911 can fold flat giving me just enough room to fit them in. Well enough of the waffle you get my drift I like the 911 but what I want to discuss here is how I got a good deal on Porsche 911 finance using a plan called Porsche Solutions.

Solutions for Porsche 911 finance

The plan was really flexible and gave me the option to have a new Porsche every couple of years. At the end of the contract I had a few different choices of what I could do and I didn’t have to make any definite decision until the contract was up.
One of the options was to pay a final payment and own the car outright. Another was to just exchange it for another brand new 911 or the final offer was to just give it back. Now you know me, I couldn’t just give it back that was not an option as I would not have been able to live without my 911. SO that left me with 2 options the first one of paying the final amount was a no go as I didn’t have the cash so by elimination it was exchange it for a brand new Porsche 911 yay was I pleased with that.