Frequently asked questions about Audi finance

A mate of mine has just purchased the Audi Q7 for his family run around. I have to say it is huge and when you sit inside you feel as if you are in a bus you are so high off the ground. It’s ideal for the family as it has 7 seats so it’s great for taking the boys and their friends to the footy. My mate loves it not just because it suits the family needs but it really looks stunning too. He told me all about the options he had with Audi finance and as he was telling me I thought that it would be interesting to get a blog out there on some of the frequently asked questions that new Audi owners ask with regards to financing their new purchase.

Audi finance
Like all finance deals Audi are not much different they offer the regular solutions plans, hire purchase, balloon payments etc. However there are a few things that Audi also offer which need to be considered as people often ask about them.

Additional Audi finance purchases

Audi finance offer a variety of products which customers ask for as an add on to their purchase plan. One of the most sought after add on is of course Audi insurance. The company offers a complete range of insurance policies that will cover you should you be involved in an accident or your car is stolen you just call them up and sign up over the phone.

Audi also offers maintenance and service and it depends on the finance deal you have with them it may be included in the price. However if it isn’t in the plan it is recommended that you only use authorised dealers. Audi do offer a couple of plans to cover maintenance offering just a service plan or a complete plan which obviously covers more.